6 Tips To Make Your Travel Goals Happen

6 Tips To Make Your Travel Goals Happen

Last week, I encouraged you all to add travel to your 2018 goals.  This week, I want to give you additional advice on how to make that happen.  January is the perfect time to start planning your travel for the year.  Here’s how you can make travel a priority in 2018.

1. Write it down

There is power in writing down something as a goal.  The moment you write it down, the universe conspires to make it happen.  If you tell someone about your goal, it instantly makes you want to be accountable.  You don’t want that person to ask you about your goals and you didn’t make any steps toward achieving it.  So what are you waiting for?  Write down where you want to go in 2018!  That’s the first step to realizing your travel goal!

2. Decide on Destination

This is the part of travel planning where many people can get stuck.  Trying to decide where to go from all of the infinite options can be very overwhelming.  So much so, that people just give up all together at this point.  It even happens to me.  If you don’t travel that often, start small.  Your travel goal might include a destination within your state or a neighboring state.  It doesn’t have to be somewhere over the top.  Take baby steps!  Maybe you’re driven to travel by a particular experience that you’d like to have like surfing, glamping, or lounging on the beach.  All of these will help you decide on your destination.  Travel Tip: Not sure where to go?  Pinterest is a great place to get some inspiration and do research.

3. Determine When

This is an important question since this will determine the amount of time that you have to plan your trip.  It will also determine the amount of time you’ll need to budget for your trip.  Every destination has a high and low season.  Looking into when these occur for your destination will help you determine when you will go.  Sometimes your decision to travel at a particular time is dictated by a specific occasion so high and low season won’t really matter to you.  Either way, it’s nice to know to really lock down your travel timeframe.

4. Who’s attending?

Is this a solo trip?  Will you be going with your significant other?  Will you be traveling with a group?  Your answers to these questions can help you solidify your travel plans and also get you excited about your trip.  Travel Tip: Don’t get too stuck on this part.  If you want to go somewhere, don’t let other’s indecision keep you from going where you want to go.  They can join you when they make up their minds or you can have a peaceful trip on your own.

5. Create a Budget

Once you decide when and where you would like to go, the next step is to determine your budget?  Is your destination close enough to drive?  Even if it’s not, will driving enhance the experience?  Will driving give you additional things to check off your bucket list?  Will you be flying?  The answers to these questions will help you in achieving your travel goals.  Once you do that, create a budget and stick to it.  It can be easy to slip up while you’re trying to save but the most important thing is to bounce back from those missteps and refocus on your goal.  Travel Tip: Use the special code, exclusively for Jetsetter’s Diary readers, below to get this travel tote from 87 Treasures.  I have this very same bag and it keeps me focused and excited about my travel goals throughout the year.

6. Book it!

Nothing gets you traveling quicker than booking your flight and/or accommodations.  Just do it!  What are you waiting for?  Now’s the best time to do it.

So tell me, what’s keeping you from prioritizing travel?  What are you doing to make travel a priority in 2018?

As a bonus, I was recently featured in a Huffington Post article to encourage people to travel in the new year.  Be sure to check out my advice as well as advice from other travel influencers.  The advice is sure to get you excited about traveling in 2018.


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