Benefits of Airbnb versus Hotels

Benefits of Airbnb versus Hotels

As I shared in a past post, my first experience using an Airbnb was very positive.  I decided to stay in the garden apartment of a Brownstone in the beautiful neighborhood of Park Slope in Brooklyn.  The booking process was super easy.  My host sent me instructions to gain access to the apartment ahead of time and even provided me with a guide with recommendations of places to eat and things to do in the area.  The space was very clean and decorated nicely.  We were greeted with fresh flowers and fruit in the apartment.

Honestly, we really liked that we had so much space in NYC.  The hotels that we have patronized in the past had a fraction of the space and charged similar fees.  My husband and I felt like we were at home on vacation.  There are other benefits to booking an Airbnb and I’m sharing some of those below.


Most hosts go out of their way to make you feel welcome.  From fresh flowers to snacks in your apartment, hosts can provide you with an experience that is different from a hotel.  Additionally, Airbnbs don’t give you the feeling of being a number like hotels do.  Additionally, each host has different cancellation policies.  I’ve heard of people being able to negotiate those policies with hosts.  When have you been able to do that with a hotel?  Tip: Carefully read the cancellation policy to make sure that you are comfortable will all of the terms.


If you’re looking for a cookie cutter place to stay, Airbnbs are not for you.  The inherent nature of Airbnbs are the unique lodging choices that you have to choose from. You can stay in a loft, an apartment, a whole house, cave, or under water house.  Hosts decorate to their unique tastes and/or draw decor inspiration from the destination.  Hotels don’t provide you with all of these choices.

Navigate like a local

You will be staying in a neighborhood so you can have the experience of the locals. Some of the best hosts will have neighborhood guides which include recommendations of places to visit and things to do. Some of these recommendations can be off the beaten path or local favorites that tourists aren’t aware of.  If you rent a whole house, you have the option of cooking.  That will allow you to save some money and also discover the grocery stores that the locals frequent.  All of these make for an enhanced experience.


Prices of Airbnbs are reasonable compared to hotels.  Of course, this depends on the location that you are traveling to but overall I have found Airbnbs to be more affordable than hotels.


Many may not be aware of the protections that Airbnb provide renters.  Payments have to be made through Airbnb’s website.  Be sure to use their payment function as well as the Airbnb communication tool to cover any mishaps that could happen.  If you take either of these off the Airbnb site, it makes it difficult for them to protect your information.  Additionally, Airbnb does not pay the host until 24 hours after you check-in.  This is a safety precaution to ensure that everything is as expected for both the host and renter.

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Airbnb versus Hotels

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