5 Travel Taboos You Should Break

5 Travel Taboos You Should Break

There are so many travel rules that people have bought into.  Some of them are simply untrue and need to be broken.  I’m sharing the top five travel taboos that I’m hoping you don’t believe.  If you do believe them, it’s never too late to let them go and start on a new path to travel freedom.

1. Travel when you retire.

Society would have you believe that only the old have truly earned the right to travel.  I call BS!  You do not have to wait until you retire to see the world.  If traveling is one of your dreams, don’t wait to do it.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s that life is way too short.  Why wait to do something you are passionate about?  That makes no sense to me.  Do the things you love now while you can.  I hope that I don’t sound morbid, but who’s to say that you’ll make it to see retirement?  Or that you will be in good enough health to travel to the places that you desire or do the activities that you want when you get there?  The moral of the story is don’t wait.  Tomorrow’s never promised.

2. You can’t travel by yourself.

So many people don’t travel because they don’t have a partner or friends to travel with.  I had someone tell me once that they were waiting until they got into a relationship to start traveling because they were terrified of doing so on their own.  My initial reaction was shock as I didn’t understand why they would put their strong desire to travel on hold for something that they had no control over.  I also think that there is a misconception that you won’t have fun because you’re alone.  If you can’t have fun with yourself, who else can you have fun with?

3. Travel is expensive.

Travel really doesn’t have to be expensive.  In fact, you shouldn’t go broke trying to travel.  Choose destinations that are within your means.  Cut things that aren’t necessary (i.e. your daily Starbucks run or eating out) to save up.

4. Travel has to be exotic.

When scrolling through travel images on Instagram, you would think that everyone is traveling to someplace exotic like Bali or Bora Bora.  While there’s nothing wrong with these destinations, it can create anxiety or make people feel like their travel destinations aren’t special.  I’m here to say that you should be happy about anywhere that you choose to travel.  Whether it’s a thirty-minute drive to somewhere in your home state, road trip, or quick plane ride, it’s all worthy and awesome.

5. You have to know the language.

If you’re thinking about traveling to a non-English speaking country, there is a fear of not being able to communicate.  Don’t let that stop you from visiting a place you really want to go to.  With things like google translate and other language apps, you can easily break down the walls of communication.  While it’s wise to learn a few phrases prior to arriving at another country, you do not have to be fluent to travel around the country.

The biggest thing about traveling is that it makes you learn more about yourself.  Through travel, you will be challenged in different ways, taken outside of your comfort zone, and learn more about yourself.  Most of the times, I am willing to try things that I normally would not when I’m traveling.  Traveling also allows you to meet others from different backgrounds which will broaden your perspective on life.  One of the biggest benefits of traveling is having an opportunity to decompress and relax.  You return feeling renewed and ready to take on the world.

Are any of these taboos keeping you from traveling?  Are there other taboos that I didn’t mention?


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